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Common Ceiling Fan Problems and How to Repair it?

Common Ceiling Fan problem

Ceiling fans are the most vital electronic tools. It can make you feel irritated if the ceiling suddenly stops moving. You will start feeling hot in a humid weather. Ceiling fans have some common problems. If you try to solve matter by your own, it can be much better and good.

Sometimes, it is impossible to survive without a best ceiling fan. It has become mandatory for every house. It is obvious that you may face severe issues while using the ceiling fan.

Now let us try to know about the common ceiling fan issues. It will assist to solve it.

Common Ceiling Fan Issues with solutions:

Ceiling Fan Issues

#1 Humming sound of ceiling fan:

It is found that after running for a specific time, a harsh or humming sound may come from the fan. Sometimes, it becomes intolerable and you will prefer to stop it. If the fan is older, it is natural that you will get some sounds. In case of new fans, you have to remove all the essential parts and check it. A fan has several screws. It is the screw that may become loose and old.


You need to tighten the screws that become loose because of regular use. You must also check all the joints of the fan. If you want to stop the sound, you can wrap all the screws with a Teflon tape. This can prevent the fan from emitting harsh sounds.

#2 Low speed of the ceiling fan:

Another problem of the ceiling fan is its low speed. It may happen frequently. Even if you run the speed on high level, you will experience low speed. It is the electric motors of the fan that makes the problem. The motor may burn out, when the fan runs on a high speed.


Most of the time, it is found that the capacitor creates the whole problem. IN such a case, you need to remove the capacitor with a new one. Be serious in choosing the right capacitor that goes well with the ceiling fan. Otherwise, the fan will not work in a full speed.

#3 Wobble problem of the ceiling fan:

It is another issue that is faced by the ceiling fans. Off-center is the main cause of wobble issues. Another cause of wobble is imperfect balance of the blades. Even if the fan blades are not properly placed, you can face the issue of wobble. To get rid of this problem, you may buy a kit.


The only solution for this problem is to place the blades within a proper space. You need to check them before buying the fan. It is the only way to get rid of this problem.

Apart from this, you may also come across other ceiling fan issues. This is why it is always suggested to buy the branded one. It will give you a better service and that for a long period. In case of severe issues you need to show it to a mechanic.

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