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Top 5 Ceiling Fan Companies in India

Ceiling Fan Companies in India

When it comes for a ceiling fan, you will always prefer to buy the best ceiling fans in India. It is nice if you invest in the branded ones. That will be wiser because you will enjoy better service. It is required to check the overall performance and other qualities of the fan before investing for it. When the summer knocks our door, we are in a dying need of ceiling fans. Rather you rigorously search for the best ones in the market. However, to beat the scorching heat of the sun, many people use air conditioners. It is impossible for everyone to bear the expenses of air conditioners.

Thus, ceiling fans are the only options.

Top 5 Branded Ceiling Fan Companies

Branded Ceiling Fan Companies

In this part, you will learn about the top 5 ceiling fan companies in India.

#1 Luminous ceiling fan:

It is one of the most branded ceiling fan companies in India. The product is manufactured with top-quality materials. The blades are long and help in easy flow of air throughout the room. The fan is so designed that you can enjoy free flow of air up to 220 CMM. The design of the fan is excellent and it can enhance the beauty of your room to a great extent. The fan comes with two years warranty from the date of purchase.

#2 Crompton ceiling fan:

It is another branded ceiling fan company in India. It is such a ceiling fan that is made with latest technology. It is also available with remote control so that you can easily control it. It has five years warranty. This is one of the best qualities of the company. In case of any issues, the same can be exchanged or replaced.

#3 Orient electric ceiling fan:

It is one of the most reputed ceiling fan manufacturing companies in India. It is equipped with 78mm motor that offer high flow of air. The wide aluminum blades also assist in good air flow within the room. The motor of the fan has two ball bearings. This helps in reduction of the noise.

#4 Havells ceiling fan:

This company has earned good fame in the Indian market by manufacturing high-quality ceiling fans. It has a powerful HPLV motor that gives a fantastic performance. The fan runs at a speed of 350RPM. This helps in proper air circulation within the room. The company provides two years warranty to the buyers from the date of purchase.

#5 Usha ceiling fans:

It is one of the oldest fan manufacturing companies in India. It has 100% copper motor that ensures long and smoother life of the fan. You can also enjoy fresh air from this fan. The fan also comes with designer blades. The fan is manufactured by keeping in mind the present taste of the buyers. The Novel Silane Paint protects it from dust and water.

So, above are some of the best selling ceiling fans in India. You can choose it as per your budget and necessity. However, you must always select the branded products.

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