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Top 5 Countries Most affected with Corona Virus –

According to a Johns Hopkins University tracker, the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide surpassed 25 million on Sunday. In addition, India set a new world record for daily new cases with 78,761 infections in the previous 24 hours. The figure exceeds the United States’ one-day surge of 77,299 in mid-July, indicating that the disease’s epicenter has migrated to India from the United States and Latin America.

List of Countries Most affected with Corona Virus

According to India Solv Report, India ranks third in overall caseload after the United States and Brazil. Still, it has regularly exceeded both nations in new daily cases since 07 August, owing to an outbreak across Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, Odisha, and Telangana. According to the figures, the worldwide caseload increased by 5 million cases to 25 million in three weeks. Adding 5 million instances to the 20 million, 15 million, and 10 million thresholds took 19, 24, and 39 days, respectively. So far in August, the pace of new daily cases has reduced to roughly 1.2 percent.

Corona Virus

1. The United States of America

The number of new cases and deaths in the United States has begun to decline, but the country remains the worst-affected, with over 5.9 million illnesses and 182,779 fatalities. Following a spike in Covid-19 cases in June and July, data reveals that the daily average number of new coronavirus cases reported in the United States has steadily fallen for weeks. Cases averaged at 42,006 over the preceding week, down from a peak of 68,634 on 22 July. In fact, on 23 August, the United States reported 34,575 cases, the lowest number in more than two months. However, the first reported instance of Covid-19 reinfection in a 25-year-old Nevada male has lately gotten much attention in the United States.

2. Brazil

Even as daily new cases and fatalities have begun to settle in recent weeks, Brazil currently has more than three million recoveries from Covid-19, and the country’s death toll has topped 120,000. Compared to the last week of July, when Brazil had an average of 45,000 cases per day and 7,677 deaths, the South American country saw 37,000 cases from 23 August to 19. Sao Paulo, the country’s most populated state, has been hit the worst, with over 650,000 cases, followed by Rio de Janeiro.

3. India

For the past four days, the nation has recorded nearly 70,000 cases. According to the Union Health Ministry, India’s Covid-19 tally reached 35,42,733 instances on Sunday, a new high for a single day. As a result, the total number of recoveries has increased to 27,13,933, bringing the recovery rate to 76.61 percent and the mortality rate to 1.79 percent. “When compared to the global average of 3,161 cases per million and 107.2 fatalities per million, India has one of the lowest cases per million (2,424) and deaths per million (44),” the Health Ministry stated.

4. Russia

Russia has the world’s fourth-largest caseload, with a total of about one million cases and 17,045 fatalities. The average daily incidences of coronavirus in Russia fell below 4000 for the first time since mid-May in the week ending 29 August. While the daily average number of new coronavirus cases was above 6,500 for much of July, it has remained below 5,300 so far in August. Behind the United States, Brazil, India, and France, the country has the fifth-highest number of infections. Still, the number of new cases has increased dramatically every day in the last month.

5. China

The new coronavirus epidemic, formally called COVID-19 by the World Health Organization, affects China, particularly Hong Kong and Macau (WHO). As of 09 March, China had over 3,000 fatalities and accounted for around 74% of worldwide coronavirus infections, but this swiftly dropped to 58 percent by 13 March and 40% by 18 March as the number of cases in the rest of the globe increased, and Europe became the new epicenter. Within a week, the rest of the world’s coronavirus cases had eclipsed China’s.

As a result, Chinese coronavirus infections accounted for just 10% of worldwide cases at the end of March. Hubei is China’s most impacted province, and Wuhan, the province’s capital, is the city worst hit by the coronavirus. More than 67,000 coronavirus-positive cases have been reported in Hubei, and deaths are still being said, but at a lesser rate than before. The number of cases in China, on the other hand, has been declining since March, thanks to the Chinese government’s swift control measures and reaction.

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